Written By: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 18 OCT 21

I  once knew of house with no  love, they lived  separate lives in separate  rooms
 Had everything couples would  have, including a  separate rack for their  shoes
 Separate chair to watch TV, and  separate towels for the  bath
 Separate food on the  shelf, and separate bedrooms in the  back

But they  must have shared a  life once, something must have brought them together
 Perhaps one of them got  hurt, or maybe they hurt each  other
Now they both  sleep behind closed doors,  each hiding behind the walls
Each too  stubborn to  admit, that  failure was both their  fault.

 Now in this house with no love, a man lives there all  alone
 The silence is driving him insane,  silence when he comes  home
But he  sets in her separate  chair, and uses her  separate towels for the  bath
 He ate all her food on the shelf, and he sleeps in her bed in the  back

He dreams about the love they shared, when the baby was on the  way
If he’d shown how much he cared, been reasons for her to stay
Now in this house with no  love, an  old man lives all  alone
Puts fresh flowers on her grave every day, and returns to  his sad lonely home