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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 28 Mar 2023

This album focuses on my immigrant ancestors, but I want to take you a bit further.  When my first ancestors came to the land that is now Patrick County, it was Brunswick County; in 1746, it became Halifax, then in 1752 Pittsylvania, in 1767 Patrick-Henry, and by 1791 it finally became Patrick County

Most of my ancestors arrived in Patrick and Henry Counties between the 1750s and 1760s.  Here are all the known immigrants that made the area home, along with some other essential bloodlines

English Immigrants Capt John Rowden and wife Elizabeth Johnson, my 7th Great Grandparents, were the first to arrive in the county by 1730.  They had married in London.

William Charles Lynch Sr was an Irish IMMIGRANT, and his wife Sarah Clark, my 6th Great Grandparents arrived by 1733

Bart Foley’s future wife, Barbara Hundley, was born in Patrick County in 1738.  Her family came from Gloucester County.   Bart arrived in 1757 from Stafford County to establish the Foley line.

English Immigrants from Liverpool, Maj William Reuben Witcher and his wife Anna Rachel Majors, my 6th Great Grandparents, arrived in 1745.

Luke Foley’s future wife, Mary J. Bolling (5th GGM) born in Patrick County in 1748; Luke arrived in 1767 from Stafford County

English Immigrant Rebecca M. Neal, my 6th Great Grandmother, arrived in 1765.

Scottish Immigrant Daniel Ross Sr, my 5th Great Grandfather, arrived in Franklin County by 1767

Charles Thomas Sr, an Immigrant from Wales, and wife Judith Patterson, my 5th Great Grandparents, arrived In Patrick by 1768.  The Thomas line appears more than four times in my Family Tree.

Scottish Immigrant, John Wright, my 6th Great Grandfather, arrived by 1770

William Pilson, Jr and wife Ester Turner, my 5th Great Grandparents, arrived from Albemarle County, VA.  The son Richard “Dicky” Pilson was born in Patrick County in 1783.  The first of the Pilson line in Patrick

David A. Rorrer Sr and wife Elizabeth Betsy Deboe, my 5th Great Grandparents, arrived in Martinsville by 1789.  The Rorrer line is thru my Grandpa Cleve Foley’s mama’s line

The Law family line, which appears on both sides of my family, arrived by 1791 in Franklin County with Daniel Law and wife, Obedience Tyree

English Immigrants John Grist and wife, Elizabeth Walker, my 5th Great Grandparents, arrived by 1797.  They hold the distinction of being the newest immigrants in my family tree based on immigration dates.

My Great Grandfather Orange Sawyers arrived in Patrick from Carroll County after he married Sarah Lou Foley in 1896i

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