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Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 15 March 2023

 My 5th Great Grandfathers Bart and Luke were the sons of Henry Foley and Great Grandsons of our namesake immigrant Thomas Foley.  Bartholomew was born 1735 and Luke in ‘37 in Stafford Virginia – northeast of Fredericksburg and just off the Potomac River.  Bart arrived in Patrick County in 1757 and Luke came via Mecklenburg County and arrived by 1767.  Here is their story: 

Bart left his home in Stafford made his way to Patrick County
Didn’t waste anytime finding a wife in sweet Barbara Hundley
Born in Patrick and her roots were English a marriage made in heaven
Bart was 22 when they tied the knot in seventeen fifty seven

Bart was already got a bunch of land grants, before his little brother Luke arrived
About 1200 acres, on Bull Mountain’s northern side
There were 11 children, all bearing the Foley name
Four were born after he died, I guess Barbara had no shame


Luke planted his foot Patrick, and much to his Daddy’s surprise
He found a good wife in Mary Bolling, he just turned 45
They had 6 boys and 2 girls filling up that Foley home
Records ain’t clear, but by 1801, dear old Luke was gone

He had 2500 acres half through land grants
I’m sure he would have gotten more given half the chance
Son, Christopher shipped off the war in 1812
Mary Bolling line was a dead, nothing left to teLl
Yep, her bloodline was a dead end nothing left to tell


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