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Pocahontas, Tommy Jefferson and Cousin Lilibet

Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 18 Mar 2023

When your family has been around as many years as mine
Somebody important is bound to cross your family’s lines
When they all come from the same place, and end up mostly in the same state
Its bound to happen
You don’t have to believe me

Pocahontas married John Rolfe and they had a boy named Tommy
Whose sweet  daughter Jane, married into the Bolling family
And five generations later, Mattie Bolling married Wesley Foley
So that makes my 10th Great Grandma Pocahontas
You don’t have to believe me

Henry Soane is my 12 Great Grandfather, his daughter’s married Peter Field
whose daughter married a Jefferson, whose son was named Peter
Peter is Tommy Dad, making Henry his 2nd Great Grandfather
and makes Thomas Jefferson my Cousin
But, you don’t have to believe me


Now Cousin Lilibet, on her Mama’s side
We share a Great Grandpa in our bloodline
Richard “Ironmaster Foley’s son by a second wife”
Sir Thomas of Witley Court is in the Queen’s direct line
But, you don’t have to believe me,

It's all right there on Wikipedia, just don’t have my name on it


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