Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright @ 7 January 2003

  I am a Viet-Nam  Era Veteran,
I went to school on the GI Bill
I bought me a house when I was only 22,
I put no money down and I own it still

I didn’t wait for the draft to catch me,
I joined the Navy soon as I turned 18
Served my country just like JFK
Came home to find that American Dream

1st Bridge
I got some credit cards for gas and things
Pay them off monthly so the interest is free
I do my part to spend, spend and spend

You can’t blame me for the shape the economy is in

I pay my taxes right on time,
I even took out an IRA
Take it all down to Mr. H & R Block
I know it ain’t hard, but its the American way

Buy American, is what that big fella said
You’ll save American jobs, you’ll keep America fed
I just want to go out to the boss’ parking lot
To count all the Mercedes those bastards have got

2nd Bridge
They lie to us all with a bible in their hand
Hiding behind the (great) Red, White and Blue
So, Pardon Me, if I say what I mean
I earned the right to live that American Dream

TAG.  Perow was right bout that NAFTA thing, tequila prices never did come down!...Uups, there goes another factory heading south

Maybe we can get ole Billy Gates to write us a big ole fat check