Written by:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 15 April 2010

You see her on the TV
You see her everyday on the Net
You see her on every award show
With the  armful that she gets

So  maybe it’s only me,
That don’t think she’s got the  gift
In my humble country boy opinion
Taylor Ain’t So  Swift

They call her a teenage sensation,
So lets  all be polite
You can’t compare her with Tanya or LeAnn
or Little Miss Dynamite

Oh but you  say she’s a hit songwriter
Oh ain’t that  sweet
My grandbaby could write a potty training hit
With  Schlitz and  Overstreet

I’m sure  deep down in her heart
All she  wanted to do is sing
Now  she’s the product of the Cashville
 Star making machine 

She ain’t  got half of what Dolly’s got,
And that’s just above the  neck
So don’t  put her on the same list
With  Lynn, Cline and Wy nette

I’m sure she’s a really sweet person
But is all  about talent to  me
When even her label has to defend her
Cause she  can’t sing on key

And to  say she’s the best we got
In this day and  time
From  LA to New York and Cashville
Lost their memory and their  minds

She keeps getting  richer by the minute
No matter what the fuss is  with
In this  country boy’s opinion
Taylor, Ain’t So  Swift