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Written by Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 28 August 2003

Daddy got of the Army, in 1945
By late that December, he took my mama as his bride;
As more boys came home from the war, work got hard to find
He heard about cutting timber way down in Caroline

Spoken: It was1947, Virgin Timber. Daddy said the Trees so big you had to build a scaffold 8 feet high just so you could use a two man chain-saw

He headed back home to Virginia in July ‘52
By that time the family had grown by a kid or two
There was work there in factory, as much as a man could do
Forty years came and went, before he was through

Spoken: 90 cents an hour. Working 2
nd shift, riding with 3 other fellows in one car long before car pool ever was a word

Daddy was a Factory Man
A wife and six kids to feed, doing the best he can
Working 40-50 hours a week and living off the land
Cause Daddy was a Factory Man
Like his own Daddy, Daddy was a Factory Man

He opened a little lawn mower shop
Doing repairs and selling parts
He roams the Saturday flea markets
Just to see what they got
Ask any man who knows him, for counties far and wide
My Daddy’s a man of his word, as plain as black & white
Hum,,,,,A Factory Man, He’s an honest man (A Factory Man

Spoken: Daddy been retired 13 years, It hurts me to see him moving slower
Mama wrote that the factory just closed down, that puts a lot of my family is out of work

Though he’s never said it
And it just not Daddy’s style
But I know my Daddy loves us all
I can tell it in his eyes
And if this song can bring some happiness to his loving heart
I can feel a better, knowing I’ve done my part

For a Factory Man, He’s my Daddy, he’s a Factory Man

Repeat Chorus

Daddy was a Factory Man……. Daddy was a Factory Man Man

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