Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 15 APRIL 2000

My sister writes me a letter every now and then
Gives news about family and some of my old friends
Most of time, she don’t have very much to say
Except for the letter I got just the other day.....

She wrote...now little brother, he’s got a brand new plan
He shaved his head, claims he joined the Klu Klux Klan
His little girl, she’s growing up with charm
While her big brother’s out on the country farm
And that’s the news from back home

Mama left her church of 40 years
Not without shedding about a million tears
Said she couldn’t stand their new liberal ways
She longed for the old time religion like her younger days
And that’s the news from back home

You know nothing ever changes around our old hometown
ËśLess you count the day, the liquor store fell down

Well big brother, got busted by the law
Caught making a bad moonshine and that ain’t all
He made the hometown paper’s weekly front page
Something about it reminds me of your wilder days
And that’s the news from back home

Now Daddy’s across the road, in his lawn mower shop
People drive for over a 100 miles, just to see what he’s got
Looking for a miracle, out amongst the junkyard
Gives him a reason for living, he’s done worked too damn hard
And that’s the news from back home

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