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Daddy Was A Factory Man(Feat:  Mandy Strobel)

Written by Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 01 JAN 2000

Ain’t got no job, got dem old NAFTA Blues
Ain’t got no job, got dem old NAFTA Blues
But I ain’t worried son, I got pennies in both my shoes

Cause a factory closed just across the town
That makes number three that NAFTA’s done shut down
Sent the jobs down south, where cheap labor is all around

Wife told me, we got too many bills to pay
Can’t be poor no more, just won’t live that way
And if you lose you job, I’ll pack up and be on my way

Repeat Chorus

Went on down to the unemployment desk
I packed up my pride, went to the unemployment desk
They said 26 weeks is all you gonna get
I can’t live on that, how I’m gonna pay my bills
On that litty bitty money, how I’m gonna pay dem bills
Head back in the holler and fire up that moonshine stil

Down at the unemployment office the other day
Went down to the VEC to get my pay
My old boss was there and guess what he had to say

Repeat Chorus

(Spoken) Heck I thought NAFTA stood for North American Free Tequila Agreement


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