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Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 30 April 2023

  Ricky was the smartest kid in our class from 4th grade on
When he was 9, he was sick in bed was the whole year long
  He was already 19 when we finished the 11th grade
When the draft lottery came out that summer, put Ricky number at 28

  Ricky’s dad said, another damn war and they need cannon fodder
Ain’t no rich folks sending their Fortunate Sons off to slaughter
  Korean War shrapnel robbed me of earthly riches of a working man
Son, ain’t no way in hell I’m letting them ship you off to Viet Nam

Ricky started failing test after test, skipping a couple days a week
Teachers in all of Ricky’s classes, just stood around in pure disbelief
He ended up failing his senior year, next fall he’d repeat the same
Ricky had done what his Daddy told him, without an ounce of shame


I’ll never forget that fateful night back in the winter of
Nixon announced the end of the war, on prime-time TV
Next day Rick came back to school, he was a brand-new man
He worked his way back to the top, with a gold tassel on his gown
His Mom & Dad were in their Sunday best, when Rick spoke from the stage
He announced he was leaving for the Navy come Labor Day

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