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Written By: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 2 April 2023

  Anybody here seen Julie, the old man asked all around
The bartender said Jim, quit bugging my customers, go and sit your ass down
 Everything got kinda quiet, til the old man found him a stool
You could hear the whispers all around the bar, he’s just a crazy old fool

Big Robert said Jim, you know we’ve been down this road before
Your Julie screwed half of Little Rock, she ain’t nothing but a whore
Ain’t proud of myself, but I’ve been with her down at the Motel Six
  Can’t feel sorry for you, after all these years, why do you even care

Change to 4-4  Turnaround

I just sat there quiet, kept my mouth shut, cause I ain’t from around these parts
Ain’t none of my business anyhow I’m just passing thru Little Rock
Then bartender told Jim, finish your damn beer and kindly get the hell out
  You and Julie are bad for business, don’t plan on ever coming back

Changed to 3-4 Bridge

  Jim, got up and shuffled out the door, heading out to this truck
  Walked back in, with a double barrel 12, sawed off to a nub
Let   one barrel go, just like a cannon, blasted the jukebox   to hell
Said   y’all listen up, --------let me say this again, anybody here seen   Julie?