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Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 20 April 2023

  Walked up to the Hardware Store, saw him sitting   there
Like a   long lost puppie with a thousand yard stare
It was Billy Joe Dollarhite, he’s kin to some of my kin
I sat down on the bench, said hi, my old friend

He smiled back with an empty smile, when I asked how was it  going
Said I buried my wife of 50 years, last Tuesday morning
I had to get out of the house, make my way into town
[SPOKEN] Seeing folks out and about, shows me the world still
goes round

It was a slow painful way to send my baby home
I’ve been by her side, day and night, never leaving her alone
  Thought I’d known better, seeing what Mama went through
I ain’t slept right for 3 years now, wondering what am I’m gonna do


Back in my younger days, I was always on guard
Always kept a watchful eye, if the kids were in the yard
Figured that I’d be first, my folks go before their time
Seeing that casket close, I nearly lost my mind

If I had lost an eye and never saw strait again
Or maybe had a stroke and lost the use of a limb
  I could deal with all that, for a lifetime or two
But   now she’s gone, what am I’m gonna do

TAG:     Now that she’s gone, what the hell I’m gonna do

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