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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 12 February 2012

You can buy yourself some cowboy boots that really shine
Get a Stetson hat, shirt and jeans from Shepler’s on-line
Play a brand new Garth Brooks model Takamine guitar
Set ]up a flashy little web-site and tell world you are a star

Buy a Stars & Bars Rebel Flag, when you pay for gas
Practice saying Yee-Haw, Howdy and Y’all can kiss my ass
Checkout the latest Billboard Charts for an import guitar slinger
But all that crap don’t make you a……. country singer

We don’t need a 1000 flashing lights or break dancing groups
Cause Country Music is about 3 chords and nothing but the truth
It  comes from deep in  our hearts, played on an old 6 stringer
Even your Mama knows,” You ain’t no country singer”...No sir!

You can watch all them hit videos on that CMT
Throw down Tequila shots for courage and do Karaoke
Learn to do the two step on a sawdust dance floor
But you’re all hat and NO cattle, not Hank Number Four

If you wanna sing pop or rock you don’t need no heart
But Country Music is a whole lot more than looking the part
So go back that Karaoke bar, before I get even meaner
Son, let’s just face the fact, You Ain’t No Country Singer


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