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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 22 Jun 2021

A hundred years ago, a time I can not understand
The hate of the Negro that prevailed across the land
Not just in the racist South, that saw their slaves go free
Let me tell a little story about a hundred years ago

Why didn’t I learn of this in my Virginia education
I’d been better in the Navy, while I defended the nation
I’m now an old man learning of the crimes of what my race has done
They don’t want us to know the truth about a hundred years ago

1st chorus
Four hundred thousand negros back in World War One
The war to end all wars, was the theme back home
They fought and they died on the battlefields of France
Proving what the black man could fight given the chance

When the war ended and with French medals on their chest
They were quickly mustered out, with little respect
They thought they had fought for a noble cause
But Jim Crow was alive and well, a hundred years ago

It was like time stood still down in the South
Nothing had changed since the day they shipped out
But those proud veterans came home with new ideas
Then all hell broke loose, about a hundred years ago

2nd chorus
When the veterans asked the question, what did we fight for
Freedom for all the world, but why not here at home
They made up their minds, they were no longer gonna step aside
To many had fought and bled, about a hundred years ago

The deck was stacked against, in every direction
When the mobs all gathered ‘round the law offered no protection
Four thousand were lynched as the Governors just stood by
They were killed for resisting about a hundred years ago

So, here we are today, almost as divided as before
As the racists have gained ground claiming it’s their patriotic chore
Make lynching illegal Politicians have said NO
So we haven’t gone very far since a hundred years ago


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