Written By:  Barry P. Foley

Copyright © 15 Sep 2022

Don’t let the sun go down on you, Boy
Didn’t you see that  sign at the city limits
Get done, what you came  to do  don’t you be hanging  round
 Best be gone when that  whistle blows,  this is a Sundown Town

Ten thousand Sundown  Towns reached from Maine to out  west
Beyond where Jim Crow was allowed to  exist
City Governments made racist laws, to keep the negro  out
So the white folks could live their  fantasy in their Sundown Towns

Cities like Mena  Arkansas were bold to  brag
And proudly posted their racism in tourism ads,
 Cool summers and mild winters, and pure clean water
 No mosquitoes, no blizzards and no Negros

Repeat Chorus

TAG:  Don’t let the sun go  down on you,  Boy

I’m being nice this time, don’t come back here.  Hear!

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