Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 8 Sep 2022

Go see America is what the billboard read
Advertising a shiny new Chevrolet
 All the boy’s were home  from the war
When they wanted to  travel, they were often turned away

Now, if you’ve seen the movie, this should  be no surprise
But it didn’t just happen in the south
When a  black man wanted to get out  on the open road
He’s  sure to come across some Sundown  Towns

But thanks to Victor. Green, who made this travel guide
Listing  where you could get something to  eat
 Where to buy gas or get a tire  repaired or
 lay down your weary head to  sleep

Green Book,-Green Book

Back in ’36, Mr.  Green was a New York City mailman
And he  knew the hardships his people  faced
He  asked his fellow postman  send him the names
Where a  negro family could feel welcome and safe

Starting in ’36, it grew  bigger every year
With a  little break during World War  Two
Sponsorships from Esso  and the Triple A
Mr. Green saw his great vision come  true

Green Book-Green Book

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