Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 1 Sep 2022

It was the 6th grade,first day of school
57 years ago
 I made a friend for life, with just a few kind words
How were we to know

There was a new student in our class, name was James,

With anticipation in his  eyes
I figured it was the right thing to do, so when we broke for lunch,

I shuffled over and said HI

In 1965, the year history was made
When they integrated our county
Black and white, learning  side by side
While Senator Byrd cried like a  fool

Henry and Lucille were proud parents
And they made a bold decision
  To send their children right away to a new school
But, not before passing on their wis dom

Throughout our years in school, James and I remained friends
We were even both on the track team
  James was a sprinter, and I was a  slow 2 miler
  After graduation, we left to follow our  dreams

James went off to college and I joined the Navy,

Both adventures, took us far  away
A  reunion in 82, and for the  next 40 years
We still recall that September Day

A friend for life

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