Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 1 Sep 2022

Kids these days are told many times

They can be anything they wish in their minds
They’ve asked when they grow up, what they wanna be
I don’t remember this ever happening to me

Our folks grew up when times were hard
Depression and World Wars kept them on guard
Jobs were few and far in between
No space in their mind for crazy dreams


Don’t get above your raisings is all we heard
Clipping our cerebral wings, our imagination curbed,

It was factories and sawmills when you turned 19
I guess we all suffered from Stolen Dreams

My cousins and I were all raised the same
With no loved wasted in the child raising game
But our folks did the best they could
Just keeping them wolves from our door


I don’t regret the road I went down
I don’t regret leaving my hometown
Looking back it was the only way it seemed
To help recover from our Stolen Dreams

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