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Written By: Barry P. Foley
Copyright @ 23 Mar 2023

Somewhere north of London, in the English countryside
Is an old oak tree, its tall and its wide
This tree has been in my family, since 800 years ago
Its roots run long and deep and all way to my soul

They run north to Scotland, Aberdeen and Inverness
To the Welsh coastline and Lord Bryant’s place, way out west
Through every major city in England both north and south,
The coastline down to the Isle of Wright and Captain Traver’s house

Then the roots grew wide over to the Green Island
Up its the ragged coast from County Cork up to Dublin
And further on to Downpatrick to the Pilson’s Ancestral home
We are all thankful ole Richard felt the need to roam


Then they grew under the channel, to show how strong they can be
Down to Alsace of the border between France and Germany
Alsace changed hands with every war, the borders are a blur
But those roots stayed strong, for the immigrant Michael Rohrer

My Foley roots in Dudley, southwest of Birmingham
Ole Thomas Foley said goodbye forever to his native land
It has been 400 years, since our ancestors crossed the stormy seas
Those brave men and women, the roots of my family tree

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