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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 19 Mar 2023

It was Sunday after the service, the vicar motioned to me
He said Miss Amy come to the back, I’ve got something you should see
I know things have been hard for you, since your ole father passed away
I’ve got something here you should consider

He says the Virginia Company and is looking for girls just like you
You don’t much of future it’s the best thing you could do
You’re almost eighteen perfect time to marry
Promise me you’ll give it some thought

They’ll pay for your passage to Jamestown
Provide you a dowery of all things needed when you settle down
When you arrive, I promise, you’ll have your choice of men
You be provided room and board, you won’t be living in sin

I said, vicar you know this ALL sounds to good to be true
I been worrying night and day about what I’m gonna do
My father, bless his soul drank away my pay
And I’ve never in my life had a spare schilling to my name

With a letter of recommendation, from the church I was on my way
Wearing the first new dress I’ve ever had, dowery trunk was stowed away
I walked up the brow, I never even looked back
I got no one to wave goodbye too

I never would have believed, how a ship could rolls around so
Many nights, I heard the other girls crying calling out for their mama
I was only ten when my mum passed away
I had to work like a dog ever since that day

Everyone is going crazy since the first sight of land
All the other young maidens, can’t wait to meet a man
I’m not in hurry, I’m gonna take my time
I’m not like all those other Jamestown brides ou