Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright @ 19 April 2006

This here Martin Guitar was built in 1948

20 years before I ever picked up one to play
Saw it hanging in pawn shop window, while driving home from work
Stole it for 40 dollars, they had no clue what it was worth

I brought it home, cleaned it up, put on a brand new set of strings
Then I picked the Wildwood Flower, just to hear that guitar ring
Looking at the nicks and scratches, started wondering about its  fate

Thinking about the fellow who bought it new in 1948

How hard did he have to work just to make a dollar?

After a 10 hour shift, did he hoot and holler?
After he paid the rent, brought groceries, did he put a little money away?
 ‘Til he had enough to buy this old guitar in 1948 !

He might have worked in the factory, or cut timber like my old man
He might had delivered mail and played in a local band
He might have been a rambler, roaming from state to state

Singing ….Keep On The Sunny Side in1948

Repeat Chorus

TAG: Making 40 cents an hour back in 1948

Outro "Keep On The Sunny Side" and fade out

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