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Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 03 Apr 2023

In a New York hotel, she kept the breakfast room in order
Told her, I could tell you had yesterday off
Said, thanks a lot, you made my day
After a 2 hour commute from Jersey

She misses her family back in Honduras
Sends every space dime, so they can get by
And her baby sister can study to be a nurse
Have a chance at a better life

Maybe you risk it all crossing the Rio Grande
On a   homemade raft, to the promised land
Living in the shadows every day and night
Doing what ever it takes for a Better Life


Thought about the sacrifice she was making
Asked myself, if would I do the same
How many of us could survive this cruel world
Holding on to a dream without a dollar to our name

Thinking about my ancestors, on sailing ships
Not knowing what the new world would bring
Just for the chance, to make a better life
Never to see their homeland again

Risking it all, walking through the desert sand
Running from the   Cartel in your homeland
Leaving dreams and your family behind
Doing whatever it takes for a Better Life

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