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Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 10 Aug 2023

  She got married too early, they were still kids
  She understood that from day one
  He was a wild man, he could not be tamed
  Even after that first baby came

  You made your own bed, and now you lie in it
  Words of wisdom her mama always gave
  We all tried to warn ya, about that Pilson boy
But you always went your own way

Ten years down the road, with baby number three
  Her Mama’s words echoed like a song
  She grew tired of that Pilson boy, who never became a father
For the sake of her babies, she moved on

Turnaround play chorus

Now she’s forty-two and the babies they all flew
  She’s taking stock of her life
  Standing her ground, sticking up for herself,

Been fifteen happy years, since she was a wife

  They got married too early, they were still kids
Should have listened to her mama, about that Pilson boy (hold

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