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Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 16 Nov 2022

I’ve got my little routine, everyday around one
Walk down to the Thirsty Camel on corner of Sycamore
Meet with my drinking buddy’s, they’re been here a while
I’m a few drinks behind, they’re expecting me to buy

Dave and Vic are always, on the corner of the bar
That way when they have to go, they aint gotta go too far
Me and Bob sit in the middle, a good ten feet away
Cause Vic is the kind of guy who’ll repeat everything you say

The Camel put in a new TV, must be 4 feet wide
They got game shows playing in the day most all the time
I really like the summers, when the baseball games come on
I can hide from the Texas heat, til I stagger on back home

At least once a month Bob get a little uptight

About how bad drinking is for those like us, on the down and out
Says look at those two old farts, we’re look that way in ten years
I don’t have the heart to tell him, we’re looking at a mirror


Bob came knocking on my door, couple weeks back
Said Dave’s put his wife in a home, and Vic had a heart attack
Word on the street, they’re closing down the bar
I can’t go down to Lucky’s, I can’t walk that far

Ain’t no tab down at the Camel, they don’t take credit cards
The bartenders are good with a round on house every day or so
Bob keeps talking about those two old guys, sitting across the bar
We’re looking at that same old mirror, still don’t have the heart


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