Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 08 March 201

Seems like every day there’s a new Tribute Band
 And every week another Tribute Show
After playing his music for 40 plus years
Makes me wonder, Which Mr. Cash do you know?

Do you know him from a book, or movie on TV?
Did you see him in concert, or have the honor to meet?
Have you spent years learning a hundred songs to sing?
Playing Boom Chicka Boom, muting them guitar strings?

Do you know J.R. who watched his brother die?
Do you know the John R. who was an Air Force spy?
Do you know only the Johnny from Sun 221
Or how he helped Glenn Shirley when he played at Folsom?

Do you know about Cash and the Grand Ole Opry stage,
Or the Cash who found his way out of Nickjack cave?
Do you know Johnny who finally cleaned up his act?
With faith in God and June, John got his life back

If you don’t know the “Man In White”, then you don’t know the “Man In Black”?
When John traveled the Gospel Road to bring young people back?
He’s a walking contradiction, you might think likes to brag,
So I guess you never knew about that "Ragged Old Flag”

Do you know American Recordings When The Man Came Around?
By then the genius was too ill to ever come to your town
Do you only know June from  that Hurt video?
That’s what makes me wonder, Which Mr. Cash do you know

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